Barbara and Sue

On most Sundays you will find Sue sitting at site H12 and 13 spinning wool from Canterbury sheep. 

During the week she knits her beautiful hand-spun yarn into a range of hats, scarves and shoulder shawls for sale on the stall.  Her handspun hats sell for $20, while the scarves are $30 and the merino shoulder shawls are $65. 

Even when wet, wool keeps you warm and looking good.  Barbara is an embroiderer and felter and sells a range of affordable handcrafted gifts.


Among the best sellers are the catnip toys.  Felted or knitted, they are filled with real dried catnip and will be an instant hit with your feline friends, and they never lose their smell.  They sell for $5 each.

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If you want to learn spinning, knitting, crochet, tatting, embroidery or felting, or just have a question, come and talk to Sue and Barbara at the market, or phone Barbara on 021 0271 8941


Teach at:

Risingholme Community Centre


New Zealand


Phone:         021 0271 8941